Pixel Tomatoes

Hello everybody!!! We are indie developers. We create games for iOS and Android platforms. If you have any questions or comments, please contact us through mail or facebook site. Enjoy!!!

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Mirror The Dots

It's a puzzle game which tests your intellect, reflex and memory. Your general task is to reflect dots symmetrically (horizontally or perpendicularly or relatively to the center) in a limited amount of time. Game offers 3 modes - classic, memory and flood. Everyone will find something interesting for yourself.

Bear, Wheel And Rocks

It's an arcade game where you need to use accelerometer of your device to control position of your wheel and bear. Rocks are obstacles that disturb your ride. Gameplay rules are very simple, but you need a bit of practice to became a master. Be careful. There is no such thing as floppy landing:)

Zombie Blood - Tap Tap Shooter

It's a shooter game where you need to annihilate hordes of zombies. The gameplay has very simple rules, but it doesn’t mean it’s easy. Shot to zombie until it blows up. Try to reach the highest shot combo. Get new weapons to annihilate zombies in new ways…